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2772909595_f1394761f6_bCheck out these sites: (I’m not sure, but I think Jay Shafer is originally from Iowa.)

Ok, these examples might seem a bit extreme, but they illustrate my basic premise that it’s possible to live comfortably in a small space.  A few more reasons to go small:

1. It’s all I can afford right now (and I’m not terribly anxious to go into debt, for obvious reasons).

2. A small space requires much less energy to heat, cool, etc.  

3. I like being different, and I think it’s good to think outside the box.

4. Since I don’t have plans to live in one place indefinitely (most people don’t), a small, transportable house makes sense.


One Comment

  1. theres a ton of <500 sq ft houses in minturn. although none of them take design and efficiency into consideration. truck a few pods out here!

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