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In Berkeley, it seems like everybody has at least one bumper sticker on their car.  If I had a car, I’d probably choose the classic, “Think Globally, Act Locally”.  Why?  Because it makes sense.  Sure, your everyday decisions might seem insignificant and small, but if everybody adjusted their way of living just a little bit, the cumulative effect would be enormous.  I’m not preaching here; I’m just saying that it’s a good way to look at the big picture.

Since I’m an architect (employed or not), I’m going to design and build a house that thinks globally but acts locally (in this case, I’m considering “local” to be the Midwest).  I’m designing it based almost entirely on function, since I want it to be as efficient as possible (not to mention that my desire to design based on “style” is all but dead).  I’m building it out of sustainable materials, in a way that minimizes its negative effects on the environment (much more on this later).


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