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Like many people, I’ve always been fascinated with geodesic domes.  They’re strong, efficient, and beautiful, but they haven’t really found a place in today’s architectural lexicon.  (Don’t get me wrong; I loved playing on the jungle gym when I was a kid, but you have to admit that those shingled dome homes are really ugly.)  

I think Buckminster Fuller envisioned the most effective use of a geodesic dome as a protective structure that encloses other structures.  This might not seem important in a temperate climate,  but in the Midwest, it would be really effective.  If you were to build a house (or a few small houses) inside a greenhouse-like dome, you could protect the interior structures from the elements, while creating a space that could be enjoyed for most of the year.  (Shading, ventilation, and moisture controls would have to be considered, of course.)  



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