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Since I’m already heading down the road toward hippie weirdness, I thought this would be the perfect time to unveil my proposed toilet: a bucket!  (Initially, at least.)

Joseph Jenkins is an expert on composting toilets, etc.  Here’s an excerpt from his book on humanure:

“One organism’s excrement is another’s food. Everything is recycled in natural systems, thereby eliminating waste. Humans create waste because we insist on ignoring the natural systems upon which we depend. We are so adept at doing so that we take waste for granted and have given the word a prominent place in our vocabulary. We have kitchen “waste,” garden “waste,” agricultural “waste,” human “waste,” municipal “waste,” “biowaste,” and on and on. Yet, our long-term survival requires us to learn to live in harmony with our host planet. This also requires that we understand natural cycles and incorporate them into our day to day lives. In essence, this means that we humans must attempt to eliminate waste altogether. As we progressively eliminate waste from our living habits, we can also progressively eliminate the word “waste” from our vocabulary.”  

You can download his entire book from his website (it’s surprisingly entertaining):



  1. That’s why I’ve always called shit “smelly love.”

  2. For anyone who asks why I won’t be living in Steve’s pod prototype, here is your answer; I’ve been trying to explain that modern plumbing is non-negotiable, especially if you’re planning on selling the idea to the general public, but SOMEBODY doesn’t agree with me.

  3. Must…resist…urge…to agree with Lydia! Nope its not worth it. Besides, where will Grendel get his water?

  4. Haha. Well, if the pod is setup in a residential area, I suppose I could connect it to the sewer system (not sure about the legality). On the farm, though, I’m hoping to avoid the costs of installing a septic system.

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