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Most people use their bed once a day; for the rest of the time, it just sits there and takes up space.  Since I’m making a tiny house, I need my interior space to work as hard as possible.  Why don’t people use Murphy beds any more?  I recently saw a bed that pulls down from the ceiling (, which would work really well in my house.  And, it doesn’t require you to make your bed before you put it away (which would especially please a certain girl I know).  Here’s an image of the interior space of my house (left) and an image with the bed pulled down (right):


You can see that the ceiling pattern matches the floor pattern, and when the bed is pulled down, a portion of the ceiling will remain, which I plan to use as storage space for books, etc.  

Access to the adjacent spaces (kitchen, bathroom, closet) is still somewhat unresolved.   On each wall, the left and right panels are hinged, but the middle panel slides, which would provide limited access to those spaces while the bed is pulled down (enough to start a pot of coffee in the morning, for example).  

Obviously, there are a few details to work out, but I think it has potential.  (As always, suggestions are welcome.)



  1. 7 ways to get rid of the bed
    I like the bed in the floor idea – less mechanisms to worry about. As for the ceiling, would it be a pulley system or what? This reminds me of the time your homemade bed deconstructed itself while I was on it in Iowa…

  2. The panels in your interior look very Japanese. Maybe you could borrow their custom and sleep on a futon on the floor. Roll it up and store it in a cabinet durig the daytime.

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