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Home to the already-notorious composting toilet, the bathroom is possibly the most complicated component of my tiny house.  Before showering, you’d lift the wood floor to reveal a metal shower pan below.  I’ll obviously need a four-sided shower curtain (not shown) to keep the wood walls dry.


The current design doesn’t include a bathroom sink; for such a small space, I think the kitchen sink will be enough.



  1. I cannot believe you seriously placed a little pooping person in the bathroom. Did you see the tour of the Tumbleweed house? He had sliding plexiglass or something. The moisture has to go somewhere, so why not accept that it will inevitably reach the walls and prime them? Alternatively, window-style blinds that drop down.
    P.S. I am still mad at you but am tired of refraining from commenting.
    P.P.S. Jason says watch out for carbon monoxide when planning your HVAC.

    • Hmm. I was also thinking about a floor-to-ceiling mirror, which would help the space feel larger. (Grammar check- do spaces feel?)
      I’m hoping that my heat recovery ventilator will take care of the carbon monoxide issue (will write about the HRV later). Tell Jason thanks for me.

  2. I’m mad at you, too, but I just can’t help myself. Does someone living in a place like this really care about privacy? Use a textured translucent material for the walls. Easy peasy.

    • I know why Lydia is mad at me (1725 miles, to be exact), but what’s your problem? Have patience, Mark; we’ll go biking soon enough. Haha.
      I’ll probably shower with the door open, since the curtain will direct the water into the shower pan; also, the HRV will most likely be located in the kitchen component, and I don’t want too much moisture to accumulate in there.
      I’m most concerned about audible privacy. If my guests are sitting at the dining table, I don’t want them to hear me in the bathroom. Is that weird?

  3. Eww. Are you seriously going to wash your poop-hands in the same sink you wash your dishes?

    • Mike gave me the link to the site. After reading all of the previous entries I feel that I am caught up, and I’ve decided to comment.

      1 – I agree with Mike on the “poop hands” comment! Maybe wet wipes in the bathroom?
      2 – Forget audible privacy, I don’t want to SMELL your endeavors while eating in the dining room.
      3 – The cartoon dude needs a haircut! 🙂

      Seriously, it’s a very interesting project and I look forward to watching the progress over the summer.

        • stevenklocke
        • Posted April 10, 2009 at 6:01 am
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        Yeah, maybe there’s room for a little sink in there. And you’re right about the smell; I think I’ll add little windows in every component. Thanks!

  4. To be honest, the space is so small that no one’s going to want to spend more than a couple of hours there, so you can just hold it. Alternatively, do what we did in Mexico during our camping trips and take the poopbucket out with you into the wilderness! (Just make sure you keep it hidden from coyotes.)

    • Yeah, I hate it when coyotes steal my poop bucket.

  5. Im sad I didnt get in on the poo conversation earlier. This is hilarious talk. I have been meaning to send you this:

    Ill scan and email the whole article.

  6. i cant resist

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