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If I had to eat one kind of food for the rest of my life, I would choose food from Tuscany.  Basic Tuscan cuisine includes meats, legumes, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit, olives, and wine.  And, I have a theory for why Tuscan food is so good (or any other regional food, for that matter).  For centuries, recipes were limited by the ingredients that were locally available.  Obviously, certain items could be imported (as far as I know, you can’t grow coffee beans in Tuscany), but today’s practice of shipping tons of food around the world was unimaginable.  So, if you’re cooking with the same ingredients for years and years, your recipes are bound to improve!  It makes sense, right?

My theory dovetails nicely with the Slow Food movement, which promotes eating locally and valuing quality over quantity.  Unfortunately, most of the “food” (i.e. corn) produced in Iowa is processed into animal feed and weird food additives like high fructose corn syrup.  So, most of my food will probably still come from outside of Iowa, but eventually, I’m hoping that eating locally will become more viable.

Anyway, my kitchen is very small, which means that I’ll have to simplify what I eat.  I won’t have room for fifteen types of condiments in my fridge, nor a gallon of ice cream in the freezer.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  




  1. How do you cook – gas or electricity or firepit or what? How environmental will your tiny local food plan be if you have to drive into town every day to get groceries? Where’s the window over the sink for when want to watch the wind blowing through the corn while you do dishes? And do you seriously expect me to get into your pod if there’s not a gallon of ice cream in the freezer?

  2. I’ll have a two-burner gas cooktop that pulls out from under the countertop. There will be plenty of storage for food (dry, canned, etc.), but you’re right, the fridge will probably only hold a few beers, some milk, and eggs. I’m still working on integrating windows/ventilation into the components (the diagonal bracing inside the wall is complicating the issue). At this point, I’m still satisfied with the 7’6″x7’6″ wall of glass facing south, as noted earlier.

  3. “…its healthy in moderation…”

  4. our poor amigo has a sad looking kitchen. only one pot, one pan, and one can of red stuff.

  5. does your model man every have casual friday? lets see him in a t-shirt by the end of the week.

  6. Slow Food movement is alive and well in Iowa. Grow your own food while building your project.

  7. this kitchen is completely legit. its not far off from what i currently have. the differences being my two burner stovetop is electric, my fridge is larger (but with lots of wasted space)and i have a toaster oven. the good thing about the place being small is that youre that much closer to your outdoor charcoal (is charcoal or gas better, or, ahem, greener?) grill. i probably have 2sq feet more counter space too. its tight, but works.

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