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Almost twelve years ago, my family’s farm was partially demolished to make room for a new highway.  The machine shed is one of the few buildings that remain, and that is where I’ve decided to prepare my workspace.  After removing all of the stuff that has collected there in the past several years, I built shelves, a workbench, and a fabrication table.  The length and width of the table matches the outside dimensions of my house components, and it’s perfectly square (ok, very close to square), which will hopefully make the framing easier.  


The major obstacle right now is the fact that there’s no electricity on the farm.  Since I’ve drawn every piece of the structure in SketchUp, I’ll most likely just make a cutlist and use Dad’s saw in town.  However, I’m thinking that this might be a great time to consider building a wind turbine…



  1. 100W at 30mph winds won’t run a saw at any wind speed. It will charge a 18v battery though, if you decide to use cordless tools.

  2. If you decide to go that route, use this charger…its a 12v charger, which saves mucho energy by eliminating the need to convert to 120v AC and back to DC.

  3. whole E crap. thats kind of clean compared to what it used to look like. how about a bike shot?

  4. I’m not sure if the link will work, but I thought I would forward this article from CNN on “Pod Hotels” that are going up around the world.

  5. Ian- Its so weird you brought up the pod hotels, I was going to mention something about them to Steve but kept forgetting.

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