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Like some other supposedly green certifications (LEED, etc.), I’m naturally skeptical of whether FSC-certified lumber is actually worth the extra cost.  In this case it doesn’t matter, since Audubon’s lumberyard doesn’t offer anything else (in pre-cut studs, at least).  I searched this particular code on the FSC website, and I learned that my lumber came from Ontario.  Not exactly a local product.  (More on this later.)




  1. I am so proud of you for using the internet in an investigative manner!

  2. Did you really expect to have locally grown lumber? All those pine and fir forests in Iowa.

    I get the point though. The certification is a joke. I know I’ve told you about this article before.

    • If I wanted to use local materials only, I’d have to build a sod house. Heck, I couldn’t even build that, since everything has been tilled to death.

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