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On Saturday, I drove to southeast Iowa to pick up my cotton insulation (Ultra Touch by Bonded Logic), and I just so happened to go through Eldora, where the house from Grant Wood’s painting, American Gothic, is located.  AND, it just so happened to be “American Gothic Days” in Eldora.  What timing!  The mock pioneer village was interesting (I got a few tips on how to waterproof canvas with smoke), the power pedal pull was entertaining, but the highlight of my day was the freshly grilled bratwurst and ice cold Budweiser that I had for lunch.  Prost!




  1. It looks so touristy with that sidewalk – I can’t believe they don’t have a pitchfork and apron ready for couples to pay $20 to pose in.

  2. You and your beer…. I’ve never understood the attraction.

  3. Ummm, Eldon, Iowa?

    • Thanks for the correction. Does this disqualify me from being your driver for the Cornball Run?

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