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In attempting to lower the wall components, I failed to consider the additional weight of the recently added carsiding and insulation in the west component, and it pulled the east component onto the base.  Hard.

Luckily, the damage was minimal, and I was standing (intentionally) beside the component, not under it.




  1. Don’t flatten yourself Steve!

    C. Everett Koop would not approve:

    • Yeah, I don’t think his first concern is what Colonel Sanders thinks.

      In other news, I’m having trouble visualizing what fell which way. Can we get an animated gif?

  2. Since this would’ve happened on a farm, would it have been classified as a farm accident? Or construction?

  3. it didnt fall on my bike, did it?!

    • Nope, I moved it into the corner (you can see the blue tarp in the photo).

  4. “Nothing worth doing is easy. Nobody likes easy more than me but it’s true.”

    -Sam Axe

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