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I’d like to mock up the exterior siding with the second layer of insulation on the first wall component, but the carsiding and insulation added quite a bit of weight, so handling it requires more forethought.  The key is balancing the components against each other, which means that I need to finish the interior of the other wall component.  (I realize that this photo is similar to my “malfunction” post, but I assure you, the placement of the components is intentional this time.)




  1. interesting turn of events with the weight issues. generally speaking the 2×4’s are probably overkill in terms of structural capacity. even the carsiding is a lot heavier than needed given the spirit of the project. would you consider 1×4’s (holes bored to further reduce weight) with 1/8″ sheet goods (made from some kind of eco-fabulous mtl)? the walls should act as space frames and not be dependent upon any one skinny member. otherwise nice work. look forward to installing a KlockeKube in my backyard.

    • Actually, I considered using 1″ lumber for the structure, but it was more expensive than regular 2″ studs (but I suppose the reduction in weight might be worth the extra cost). I think I can keep my little brother busy with punching those holes.
      All of the carsiding is 1/4″ thick, except for the walking surfaces, which are 3/4″ thick; I’m hesitant to use sheet goods for various reasons. I’m considering corrugated metal for the exterior, though.
      Good comments; thanks!

        • Ian
        • Posted June 23, 2009 at 5:32 am
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        I built a dog house (12’W x 4’L x 4’H) using 2×2’s (actual 1.5×1.5) that I ripped from 2×4’s on a table saw. It was time consuming, but once the walls were tacked together, the structure was incredibly sturdy. Once I’d put 1/2 sheeting inside and 3/4 siding outside, the thing was damn near bomb proof! It was EXTREMELY heavy though. I know – GET TO THE POINT. If cost is an issue, rip your own lumber. Buy it in sizes that are considered “normal” dimensions and cut it down to what you need. My $.02.

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