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The canvas of the exterior skin is obviously not going to be waterproof, but I would like it to at least repel water, in the event of an accident, etc.  After some research, I decided to use a mix of soybean oil and turpentine.  By chance, there’s a biodiesel plant nearby, and they were gracious enough to fill up a couple of empty milk jugs for me.




  1. What does it smell like? What is its consistency like? And can you cook pancakes in it?

    • It actually smells quite good, though I wouldn’t use it for cooking.

  2. Do you have any concerns about the flammability of turpentine? Is it tempered (sp?) by the soy oil or does the fire danger lessen as it dries? Otherwise, your dad’s statement about MyPod looking like MyCoffin may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Supposedly, the turpentine evaporates, leaving the oil residue. Regardless, I’ve determined that it is definitely not waterproof, and it is definitely flammable. Argh.

  3. I hope this turns out better than Ben’s soy-based deck stain. Sorry to hear about your t-shirt!

  4. Does it come with a no-smoking sign?

    • LOL. Thanks Lydia.

  5. If you just paint the canvas it will be waterproof. I’ve seen this used in construction a few times.

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