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After several days of helping Dad with a re-roofing project, it was nice to get back into the shop this weekend.  With the second wall component complete, I attempted to lift the walls onto the base like I had done earlier.  Unfortunately, the additional weight of the insulation and outer skin overwhelmed the hinges, which reinforced my hunch that there’s probably a better way to do it.  Instead, I’m going to raise the wall components up on blocks, much like the cribbing under a house that’s getting a new foundation.  (I’m gaining an entirely new respect for the people who built structures before the availability of  machines, etc.)




  1. Will the blocks stay permanently, or is this a sort of ancient Egypt thing where you build it up with logs or sand and then remove it?
    Also, can we get some kitten wrassling pictures? Perhaps a cage fight in one of the components…

    • Egyptian.
      I’ll work on the kitty pics.

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