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I tried to avoid plastic as much as possible in this project, but I couldn’t resist using PEX for the supply lines.  It’s easy for a novice plumber like me, and it tolerates cold temperature better than copper, which is important since the plumbing isn’t insulated.

I realize that the plumbing for the shower might seem odd.  Since I’m using a curtain on all sides of the shower, I’ll have to reach outside of the curtain to access the shower controls.  By installing them above the curtain, I can reach them without moving the curtain and getting the wood wet; most of the water already on my hands should drip back down my arm.  (Or at least that’s the plan; we’ll see how well it works).




  1. Can non-6-ft people reach the controls?

    • Nope!

  2. PEX is almost compulsory 🙂

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