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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Here are some photos taken at the open house by my friend, Brent Hoffman:


Although I made some adjustments to the design and scope of the project, my actual costs were relatively close to my preliminary estimates.  The grand total came to $5,138.33.  I used a few salvaged/found materials, which are not included in the overall cost.


(While job tracking for past projects, I’ve always been intrigued by the ratio of time versus cost, which seems to vary based on who did the work, how it was done, when it was done, etc.)

The next stage in the Pod saga is to find a good piece of land (urban or rural), to build a canopy, and to move the Pod there.  When is that going to be?  Good question.  In the meantime, we didn’t want it to take up valuable space in the shed, so we disassembled it and moved it out of the way.


It took three men, five hours, and a high-clearance forklift.  (Thank you, Steve Brinkman.)


To discourage mice from taking up residence inside all of that wood and cotton, I followed the advice of some friends who have an RV and put clothes dryer sheets inside the components and moth balls around the perimeter.  Dad is going to keep an eye on it for me.


Here are some photos taken at the open house by my cousin, Bill Wendl: