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Just kicking around some ideas on a quiet New Year’s Day.

The structure would be relatively simple to build, I think.  The entire area under the roof would be enclosed by screen, with canvas/tarp curtains that could be raised/lowered.  The platform around the pod doesn’t offer much elbow room, though.



  1. I like it. What materials are you picturing the roof is made of? Looks like matal?

    • Yes, I was thinking about standing-seam metal; it’s durable and can be recycled.
      (Sidenote: I’ve seen a lot of corrugated metal roofs on houses lately, which worries me. The rubber gaskets on the fasteners won’t last as long as the rest of the roof, and they’re guaranteed to leak.)

  2. this is a good design. yet when deciding a roofing and siding contractor. it is best to select a reputable one..

    • Ah, that’s the great thing about doing the work yourself!

  3. Wait, Steve, are you calling yourself reputable now? I also love that you reply to spam comments. So human(e) of you.

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