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birdonawireWhat:  I’m building a house.  A very, very, very small house.

Where:  I’ll be working in my dad’s shop, three miles north of Audubon, Iowa.

When:  I’m planning to leave Berkeley at the beginning of April, and I hope to return before Labor Day.

How:  Good question.

Why:  As a design/build architect, I’m burnt out, and I need to work on a project that I believe in.



Hello, friends and family!   In case you haven’t heard, I quit my job (again) and decided to move back to Iowa for the summer to work on a project of my own.  You’re probably thinking, “He quit his job in the middle of a recession?  Is he dense or just crazy?”  Well, I’m probably both, with a little idealistic optimism thrown in for good measure.  

That being what it is, you may be wondering why I’m spending/wasting time on a blog:

1. It helps me stay focused on what I’m doing, if I’m being constructive, etc.

2. You (my friends and family) are terribly gifted people, with qualitites including intelligence, creativity, and humor.  I’m hoping that you chime in with questions/comments/concerns as you see fit.